SLSRC Winterfest

There was a winterfest that happened today (1/24/2021) and I invite you to check out the presentations.

Visit for more info regarding speakers, and promotional discounts!

00:00 Start of Stream & Slide Show

08:51 Welcome by Brendan KE0FCG SLSRC President

10:21 Get Ready for Solar Cycle 25 Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA

1:08:47 Parks on the Air (POTA) Matt Heere N3NWV

2:08:46 Flex Radio Digital Operations Mike Walker VA3MW

3:08:46 Satellites Sean Kutzko KX9X

4:08:42 LifePO4 Batteries for Ham Radio Kevin Zanjani KI6DHQ

5:08:39 Portable HF Antennas George Zafiropoulos KJ6VU

6:08:47 Youth On The Air (YOTA) Neil Rapp WB9VPG & Sterling Mann N0SSC


73’s Shane AH2EJ

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