Remote Testing with


Prepare the following BEFORE your online exam session:


    • We will send you a link to join a zoom meeting at prior to your exam. Please be set up and ready to join the call 10-15 minutes prior to your exam.
    • PHOTO ID: A legal photo ID will need to be shown on camera to the VE Team. For online sessions the Exam Team will only accept US Passport or state-issued driver’s license or non-driver state ID for adults.
    • Under-18 students may show either of the above items, or student shows a school ID or report card and a legal guardian presents a photo ID.
      • Parental Consent: For children age 13 and under, a parent must complete this COPPA Consent Form and follow directions for sending it.

Prepare your exam room BEFORE the exam:

    • An acceptable room is a room free of distractions and includes a door to prevent anyone from entering. Great choices are restrooms or closets, but these are not the only choices that work well.
    • Please open any closet doors or shower curtains for the scan and then close them for the exam.
    • The following choices of a room are NOT allowed: No vehicles or outdoor locations and no location that has uncontrollable noise or distractions.
    • A desk, countertop, or table is good. Laps and other options can work. Please DO NOT SIT on a BED! Do not sit on couches or in chairs that recline or rock. Please be respectful of the exam team and the exam. This is a formal exam and should not be taken lightly.
    • Clear the room of all non-exam materials, notes, books, posters, computer screens, or anything that could aid in taking the exam. Many people just use a bathroom, and that simplifies everything.
    • Clear your exam table and floor of ALL items within reach or view that would raise suspicion, such as papers, sticky notes, electronic items, monitors, headphones, drink containers, waste baskets, vapes, ashtrays, tobacco products, and anything unnecessary for the exam.
    • Clear the room of any distracting things that could take your attention off of the exam. No drinks, no food, no hat or watch, calculators, vapes or tobacco products.
    • Clear the room of all amateur radio related materials, notes, books, posters, computer screens, or anything that could aid in taking the exam.
    • Clear the room of any distracting things that could take your attention off of the exam.
    • Warn family members not to enter the room during the exam. Also make sure they do not make any loud noises that can be heard in the exam session. This would include barking dogs or cats meowing loudly.
    • You must not have in the exam room any other people or pets.

Prepare your computer BEFORE the exam:

    • When in Waiting Room, do NOT test screen share or any other functions of zoom, doing so will result in you being removed from the session!!!
    • TWO DEVICES WITH CAMERAS RUNNING ZOOM ARE REQUIRED FOR THE EXAM SESSION! High-speed internet is needed to take an online exam.  This is instructions for the computer setup only.
    • A computer must be a PC, Mac or Laptop running Microsoft OS or Mac OS. Some Linux devices may work but many may not. You can NOT use an iPad, or Chromebook for the main computer to take the exam.
    • ou must have a working PC/ laptop computer (not Chromebook) with a web cam that looks directly at your face, microphone, and reliable Internet service.
    • Be sure the computer is fully charged or plugged in.
    • Remove all audio devices, headphones, earbuds, smartwatches, hats, and anything that could be considered suspicious and unnecessary for the exam.
    • Disable any chat, alerts, Bluetooth connections, virtual screens, or pop-up apps.
    • Close ALL applications except Zoom and optional calculator app.
    • No, we do not need your PIN, FRN, or any browsers of any kind running. This will slow us down while we tell you to close everything down except the calculator app and zoom session. Zoom must run as an APPLICATION! It cannot be in a browser!!! No external Mouse or Keyboards!
    • You must have only one display screen running on the computer. Disable any virtual screens.
    • NO VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS OR BLINDS, we must see the entire room!
    • The exam is only three and a half to four inches wide and not very tall, you will be asked to shrink your browser to fit between the calculator on the left side of the screen and Zoom videos on the right side of the screen.
    • Set your screen up like the images below:


    • Download Zoom on both computer and phone and TEST them. Join audio on the computer but not the cell phone. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PRACTICE USING ZOOM AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT.
    • Turn on video when in Waiting Room on both your computer and your cellular phone. Turn on the audio and unmute your microphone on the computer. DO NOT accept audio on your cellular phone. Again, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you decline/deny audio on your cellular phone.
  • You will need Zoom and a web browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but Firefox also works well. Note that Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge should not be used, since they are apparently incompatible with Exam Tools.
    • After you join the Zoom conference, you will need to open and login using the session call sign AH2EJ and your PIN. (Note that you will need permission to login, and we will not give you permission until after you join our Zoom meeting.)
    • You will need to share your screen. Please be sure to close all applications except Zoom, your Web Browser, and optionally an on-screen calculator.
    • Please make sure that any alerts are turned off, so that they don’t interfere with the exam.

Know the Rules for ONLINE Exams:


  1. Multiple monitors
  2. iPads or Notebooks
  3. Chromebooks
  4. ANY Bluetooth devices!


  1. Polarizing glasses
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Hats or caps
  4. Neck loops
  5. Ear bud, EarPods, or Ear wigs
  6. Headphones
  7. ANY Bluetooth devices!


  1. ANY Ham related items.
  2. Charts
  3. Formulas
  4. Notes
  5. Drinks or food of any kind
  6. Any people or pets


  1. Provide a state-issued driver’s license or state-issued non-driver’s photo ID
  2. Minors must provide ID as well along with their parent presenting their ID
  3. Minors must have completed a COPPA form and emailed it in prior to exam.
  4. You must have an FRN for online exams, but do not bring it to the online sessions
  5. You may not talk during the exams
  6. Always keep eyes on the screen only.
  7. You must always have audio and video on your computer operational during the exam
  8. Disconnect any peripherals from your devices.