New Ham

Effective 5-1-2020 face masks are required at the AH2G Clubhouse!


You MUST bring a photo ID. If no photo ID is available, bring any two of the following items:

  • Non-photo ID/driver’s License.
  • Birth certificate (must have appropriate seal).
  • Minor’s work permit or school report card.
  • Utility bill, bank statement, or other correspondence that specifically names the person.

Effective January 1, 2009, the testing fee is $15.00 for each test session. This fee is charged one time, no matter whether taking one, two, or all three test elements. AH2G VE Team does not allow retests at the same test session of a failed element.

Bring BLUE OR BLACK INK PENS, PENCILS, and if necessary, a calculator with CLEARED memory.

The NCVEC Form 605 requires your FCC Registration Number (FRN) be provided. If you prefer to use an FRN and do not have one you may obtain one before the test session at the FCC website.

Testing is always sponsored by ARRL/VEC.

Successful results of the test session are typically available on the FCC website Thursday or Friday after the test session.