MARC Minutes for August 2015

The meeting of August 4, 2015 was called to order at 7:05 PM by Ed P.  KH2L

After introduction of guests and members, congratulations were given to Mr. Geoff G. who passed his Technician test, and to Joe (NH2LA), who passed the General test. New members welcome was given to Geoff G. and Brett W.

Club Business:

Phil L (NH2P) gave an update on the status of the IRLP node 8174, which is now available. A second node will be available shortly. Phil also spoke of the Sept. 5th Navy event. He would like 2-4 volunteers to help man our club display.

Chip G. (NH2CU) relayed the possibility and need for those with the capacity to work the 5M band, which is the CNMI emergency band.

Club Program:

Carter D. (KH6FV) presented the wonders of DMR-Digital Mobile Radio, and spoke briefly about the Auxcomm training of August 7-8, 2015

The Meeting adjourned by consensus at 8:30 PM


Submitted by Jim D.  AH2JD