Hamstudy-VE Getting started

As A VE please follow these steps:

  1. Watch the ExamTools training video playlist.
  2. Read all the Process Tips especially process tip #2 and create an account. Other helpful information is located in the exam.tools documentation site.
  3. Review the ARRL/VEC ExamTools Tier 2 Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. Join an existing ARRL VE team as a VE for a live training session. Volunteer in the #arrl Discord channel so you can see the real system in action.

VE team leaders require VEC authorization to use the ExamTools exam sessions system. ARRL team leaders should email ARRL VEC (VEC@arrl.org) for the emailed authorization approval after the VE team members have created accounts and trained with an experienced team.

  1. Register in the sandbox/development site at http://hamstudy.dev/ and then login at https://beta.examtools.dev/ with your team members. DO NOT use a Facebook or Google login: Make a “real” user. The sandbox/development site is used for any training purposes, and runs on its own database to avoid any issues with the Exam.Tools production environment.
  2. Join the VE Discord discussion group at https://discord.gg/CsKrBmA where you’ll find lots of useful information including how to register for ExamTools.org as a VE and how to upgrade your VE Discord membership access. Specifically, this information is in the #process-tips channel. Make sure to read all the process tips in this channel. This is the place where all the relevant information you need can be found, unlike other channels which may overwhelm you with the amount of information they contain.