1 Day Build – DIY – DC Power Polarity Tester

REF:  QST Magazine | January 2013 – Page 63 | N0AX – Power Polarity Protection

Instead of buying an expensive Anderson Powerpole Connector LED Polarity Tester, make your own!

The author of the QST article (N0AX) [referenced above], created this project using Anderson Powerpole connectors. If you do not currently use Anderson Powerpole connectors in your shack, Spade Terminal Connector’s, alligator clips, or other DC power connection interfaces should work just fine.  For a more in-depth perspective into this project please reference the full QST article.

This is a relatively easy project / build, so… just follow the diagram below (originally from the QST article referenced at the top of this page).

It is an easy project, enjoy and have fun.



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