Guam’s Adventure with ICOM

on 14 June AH2G had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Camp JO3WWA from Osaka Japan (ICOM Headquarters ). We had lunch at 3 square, Adam (KK6VRK), Ed (KH2L) and Shane (KN4IAS) met with Aaron to discuss the radio usage on Guam. This was not just Amateur usage but Air/Land/Marie usage as well. He also took note of the concerns we had here in the Marianas. We then discussed the repeater usage and what was available. We discussed the possibilities of a D-STAR repeater. This will be discussed in the monthly minutes so make sure you subscribe and see the notes about what we had to say.

We had a wonderful time with Aaron and I was very happy to get to spend time with him.

Below are some links to the catalogs that ICOM has to offer!

ICOM Amateur Product Catalog

Aviation Product Catalog

Land Mobile Product Catalog

Marine Product Catalog


IC-SAT100 Iridium sat phone PPT Radio

Aaron Camp JO3WWA at AH2G’s club showing off the ICOM IC-746

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