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Welcome to Guam

Located in the South Pacific


Our December meeting will be at KSTO on Nimitz Hill, Tuesday December 6, at 7:00 PM

Carter Davis will be the guest speaker. He will introduce the new DMR repeater.
Everyone is invited
    You do *not* need to be a Club member or hold a Amateur Radio license to join us.  We always have an interesting group of people and great conversations. Please come join us. If you have any questions please email Phil at

The Marianas Amateur Radio Club is a group of people with an interest in Ham Radio, communications, electronics and emergency preparation. We assist individuals and groups in acquiring their FCC Amateur/Ham Radio license. The Club sells books for self study and will occasionally conduct test preparation classes. Amateur Radio test sessions to issue licenses are held as needed.


antenna was installed (the short vertical at the top left)

drm ant

dmr ant 440 mHz

No exams scheduled at this time. So when you are ready to test for your first license or upgrade your current license please let Phil know at We usually conducts tests prior to the meeting. Test sessions require 3 examiners to be present, so we will make plans to accomodate you.

Directions to IHOP:
    Drive along Marine Drive to Chalan San Antonio (It's the corner where the Bank of Guam building is)  turn north and then turn in at the mall and look for the IHOP on your right (across from the Mall, behind Wendys)

Directions to KSTO:
    From the north, turn Left at Adelup (the Governor's office) onto Route 6. Drive all the way to the top and go past Top 'O the Mar a little more than one mile. The KSTO studio building is on the left side of the road.

From the south, from Marine Corps Drive turn right onto Route 6, go up the hill about 1.5 miles. The KSTO studio building is on your right.
The driveway on the south end takes you to the lower parking lot. The entrance to the meeting room is on the south end of the building, lower level

If you have any questions please let Phil know at












Marianas Amateur Radio Club (MARC)  
P.O. Box 445     
Agana, Guam 96932